Intelligent Video Technology Solutions

dPict Imaging is a leader in video technologies for OEM solutions. Together with the dVeloper Foundation SDK, our products allow for quick and powerful development of any vision related application

Video Encoder Boards

dPict Imaging IP video encoder boards support HEVC or H.264 compression formats at video input resolutions up to 4K.

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Frame Grabbers

dPict Imaging frame grabbers support both standard definition analog or digital high-definition video inputs in HDMI or SDI formats.

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IP Smart Cameras

dPict Imaging IP Smart Cameras feature high-quality Sony sensors, enhanced optical zoom, ONVIF support and video streaming resolutions up to 4K.

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Custom Solutions

Need a custom solution to your image processing project? dPict Imaging specializes in custom solutions for just about any video type, board size, and system interface. Custom solutions can include hardware or software. If you have a specific video application need, reach out to us here.