dPict Imaging Frame Grabbers

At dPict Imaging, we believe the frame grabber is still the best price/performance technology in the vision market. To prove it, we designed our frame grabbers around a powerful Texas Instruments DM642 video processor for flexibility in handling the most stringent application requirements. And we did it at general-purpose frame grabber prices. So whether you are using component analog or high-speed, high-resolution digital camera inputs, we have the right solution for you.

Aexeon Family Frame Grabbers

  • PCI or PCI Express Formats
  • Texas Instruments Video Processor
  • Standard Definition Analog Input Support
  • Extensive Camera Control
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    Nexeon Family Frame Grabbers

  • PCI Express Format
  • High-Definition Video Input Support
  • Video Standard Support Includes SDI, HDMI, VGA, Camera Link or Analog HDTV
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    TI Third Party Network

    dPict Imaging is a proud member of the TI Third Party Network. By working closely with TI we keep up on the latest hardware and software developments, allowing us to provide the best development support possible.