dPict Downloads



User Setups

User setups contain board drivers, dPiction video capture application, and any third-party software or drivers. User setups support Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP operating systems.

Aexeon Setup

Nexeon HD Setup

Nexeon HDi Setup

dVeloper SDK Setups

dVeloper SDK installers contain application development files and source code. Board drivers and dPiction are not included in the SDK installer. To download dVeloper SDK installers, contact dPict Imaging to get login information.

Aexeon SDK Setup (Login Required)

Aexeon Quattro SDK Setup (Login Required)

Nexeon CL SDK Setup (Login Required)

Nexeon HD SDK Setup (Login Required)


dPict Discovery


Data Sheets

Aexeon Specification Sheet

Aexeon HDS Specification Sheet

Aexeon LT Specification Sheet

Aexeon Quattro Specification Sheet

Nexeon HD Specification Sheet

Nexeon HDI Specification Sheet

Nexeon HD Xtra Specification Sheet

nVision Specification Sheet

nVision GX2 Specification Sheet

nVision GX3 Specification Sheet

Cable Diagrams

Aexeon Simple Cable (99001)

Aexeon RGB Cable (99002)

Aexeon Extended Cable (99016)

Aexeon Extended Cable BNC(99018)

Nexeon HD SD Cable (99006)

Nexeon HD Component Cable (99009)

Connector Diagrams

Aexeon I/O Connector Drawing

Nexeon CL Connector Drawing

Nexeon CL Trigger Connector Drawing

Nexeon HD I/O Connector

Nexeon HD Header Connector

More Information

TI Third Party Network

dPict Imaging is a proud member of the TI Third Party Network. By working closely with TI we keep up on the latest hardware and software developments, allowing us to provide the best development support possible.