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dPict Imaging Announces New nVision GX2

New Model Uses DM648 and Adds HDTV Support

8/22/2012, Indianpolis, IN - dPict Imaging today annouced a new product in the nVision product family, the nVision GX2. The nVision GX2 is the next generation nVision product that extends the nVision product features. Built on the Texas instruments DM648 900 MHz video processor, the nVision GX2 adds support for analog or digital HDTV video capture and HDTV video output as well as dual simultaneous composite video I/O support. Other features include gigabit ethernet, an SD memory card interface, and 16 LVDS input pairs.

"With it's faster processor, gigabit ethernet and HDTV video support, the nVision GX2 allows for embedded application developers to migrate to HDTV", says Brian Pinto, Director of Sales. "The fact that is we were able to add these new features in the same nVision footprint make this migration easy"

The nVision family of products are multi-format intelligent video acquisition devices for embeded video applications. nVision products digitize and transmit high-quality, full-resolution video over TCP/IP networks in real time. Designed with powerful TI video processors, nVision products are perfect for video analysis applications.

Features of the nVision GX2 include ...

  • Integrated Texas Instruments DM648 900 MHz DSP
  • SD and HDTV video capture support
  • HDTV input support up to 1080i
  • HDMI or DVI input support
  • Dual simultaneous composite video inputs
  • 10/100/1000 Ethernet
  • Dual composite video outputs
  • HDTV YPrPb and VGA RGB output
  • General purpose I/O triggers
  • Dual UART serial communications
  • SD memory interface
  • More on nVision GX2 can found at http://www.dpictimaging.com/Products/nVisionGX2.html.

    For More Infomation, please contact:

    Kevin Brown
    dPict Imaging, Inc.
    Director of Product Marketing
    7400 N. Shadeland Ave., Suite 255
    Indianapolis, IN 46250
    +1 (317) 436-8411

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